As the club operates in a casual format, classes & coaching is separate from the club. However, members who partake in any of the club's competition team will be provided free training/coaching from the head coach. There are 3 teams designed to cater all levels of experience from beginners to elite athletes. If you are interested in becoming part of the club's competition teams, details available here:

For individual lessons or one-on-one coaching, you will need to arrange a session with the head coach directly.

One-on-one coaching from the head coach is available to everyone of all ages and experience.
1 archer: $50/hr
2 archers: $50/hr ($25 per archer)
3 archers: $60/hr ($20 per archer)
As archery is a social sport, so we do also encourage coaching in small groups with friends & family. If your child is interested in competing, you can speak to our head coach for more info. It is better to start competitions early on regardless of experience.

Contact details:

Head Coach: Eric Hu

Phone: 0410 096 710 (Text message preferred due to busy schedules.)

One-on-one coaching provides the most in depth training than other programs as the coach is only focused on you, with less distractions. We recommend this for archer's who are looking to compete or seriously improve their archery skills.

Short Courses are more suitable for non-USYD students. (ie. USYD staff, general public, etc)

Adult Short Course

5 week introductory program to archery. 12:30pm-1:30pm Tuesdays.

For more details or to book, click here:

Junior Short Courses (Under 18)

8 week after-school archery program. 4pm-5pm Tuesdays.

For more details or to book, click here:

School Holiday Program (Under 12)

Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness also run school holiday fencing/archery days for children under 12. This would be the first step to introduce archery to your kids.

For more details or to book, click here: