N00b Cup 2022

Hello Archers!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual General Meeting!

SUAC would like to congratulate and introduce its new board members:

President – Valerie Fang

Vice President – Ray Ruiyuan Zhang

Secretary – Jasmine Turton

Treasurer – Danish Zaigam Naqvi

Range and Safety Officer – Cristen George

General Executive – Emma-Lucille Blayney

General Executive – Max Eastwood

General Executive – Buster Curtis

General Executive – Megan Denier

General Executive – Jean-Luc Dimech

A word from our new Club President, Valerie Fang:

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM yesterday, it was a great turnout despite the muddy field. I am eager to work with the team to get started in growing the club socially. I am excited to get many more fun events happening this year to add to your experience here with the club. I look forward to seeing everyone! Enjoy your weekend!