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Last Shot Before Lockdown - Team SUAC Shooting in the Oceania Challenge

Published: 6 August 2021

In an effort to bring the Oceanic Archery community together, World Archery Oceania put together the online Oceania Challenge, allowing archers from across the region to compete with each other. Team SUAC participated in the challenge and shot their best, despite the fading sunlight meaning they had to contend with the winter chill and difficulty seeing the targets they were shooting at. They didn't have the luxury of waiting for a better time to shoot, as New South Wales was to go back into lockdown the very next day. It was a bittersweet moment for the team, to get to spend their last moments before lockdown shooting with each other, but knowing that it will be several months before they would see each other on the range again.

Team SUAC's results for the shoot are as follows:

Long Round

Open Male Recurve 25th Place - Brian Lim

Open Male Recurve 67th Place - Jean-Luc Dimech

Open Male Recurve 83th Place - Eugene Chan

Open Male Compound 101st Place - Yihan (Issac) Mei

Junior/Under 20 Female Barebow 1st Place - Emma-Lucille Blayney

Short Round

Open Female Recurve 4th Place - Valerie Fang

Open Male Recurve 4th Place - Steven Pham

Open Female Barebow 8th Place - Kristine Sohn

Full results can be found at:

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