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National/NSW State Indoor Championships [ Saturday 27th July 2019 ]

Congrats to team SUAC at the National/State Indoor Championships. The results are now in for all the states and we’ve managed to claim 3 state medals and 2 national medals.

Jean-Luc (who has shot less than 2 months) was well behind on 4th after the first half but managed to snatch 3rd place at State level in the 20 & Under/Male/Recurve division.

Adam took 1st place in 20 & Under/Male/Barebow Recurve division at State level. He also claimed 1st at National level. Also, subject to ratification, he’ll claim the state record for the Aus Indoor 18m round.

Kathryn smashed it with a 30 point PB to take 1st place in Open/Female/Barebow Recurve at State level as well as National level (barely missing out on the WA Indoor state record by 3 points and Aus Indoor state record by one point.)

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