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Published: 16/12/32

Unfortunately, no nocks were broken this year but at least we had the opportunity to host an event between USYD and UNSW. This year was especially exciting as we brought introduced both indoor rounds and matchplay into one event! Both universities put their best effort in with plenty of close call matches that had everyone watching on edge. Thank you all to the participants and organisers! See you again UNSW next year ;)

NOCK-OUT 2021 RESULTS Ranking Round: Recurve: Steven Pham 239 Isaiah Wibowo 236 Valerie Fang 215 Jeffrey Wang 211 King Lun Pang 194 Genting Lu 172 Ray Zhang 156 Cristen George 144 Richard Soegimin 142 Zhiyun (Lilian) Yu 129 Andre Tan 112 Connie Xie 107 Mark Peters 53

Barebow: Emma-Lucille Blayney 207 Kathryn Kiefhaber 196 Tuna (Susan) Wang 88 Daniel Zhou 54

Compound: Danish Naqvi 242

Match Play: Recurve: 1/8 Round: Richard Soegimin vs Cristen George (6:4) Ray Zhang vs Zhiyun (Lilian) Yu(6:0) Andre Tan vs Genting Lu (2:6) King Lun Pang vs Connie Xie (6:4) Mark Peters vs Jeffrey Wang (0:6)

1/4 Round: Steven Pham vs Richard Soegimin(6:4) Valerie Fang vs Genting Lu (6:4) Ray Zhang vs Isaiah Wibowo (0:6) King Lun Pang vs Jeffrey Wang (0:6)

1/2 Round: Valerie Fang vs Isaiah Wibowo (6:2) Steven Pham vs Jeffrey Wang (6:0)

Bronze Match Isaiah Wibowo vs Jeffrey Wang (6:4)

Gold Match Steven Pham vs Valerie Fang (7:3)

Barebow: 1/2 Round: Susan Wang vs Kathryn (0:6) Daniel Zhou vs Emma-Lucille Blayney (0:6)

Bronze Match Daniel Zhou vs Susan (Tuna) Wang (5:7 via shoot-off)

Gold Match Emma-Lucille Blayney vs Kathryn Kiefhaber (6:4)

END RESULTS: Recurve: 1st: Steven Pham 2nd: Valerie Fang 3rd: Isaiah Wibowo

Barebow: 1st: Emma-Lucille Blayney 2nd: Kathryn Kiefhaber 3rd: Tuna (Susan) Wang

Compound: 1st: Danish Naqvi

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