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SUAC President Brian Lim Impresses on National Stage - SUSF Feature

Published: 5 March 2021

SUAC President Brian Lim took the National Stage at the Keeping the Flame Alive Tournament in Feburary to compete in his first ever national level tournament. Find out how he did, as covered by SUSF!


The Keeping the Flame Alive National Tournament recently held in Sydney was a competition Brian Lim from the Sydney University Archery Club will not be forgetting anytime soon. Despite the caliber of athletes present like the Australian National Team, the first-time competitor was not swayed.

I shot a personal best score of 605/720 at 70m during the ranking round, where I seeded 9th out of 19 archers. This was my first ever match play tournament, and in my first ever tournament match I faced Branden Tse, an archer who’s been shooting for about 4 years, compared to my 14 months of archery experience.”

After the first 2 sets of the match, Brian went down 4-0, potentially one set away from being eliminated. However, composure and form kept Brian in good stead as he worked to even out the scores 4-4.

Find out if he won the match here:

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