Sydney Uni Archery Teams

Joining a team allows you to access the club's high-level gear, training program, extra training times, access to digital scoring on Australia's national archery database (Archer's Diary) where you can claim club, state, national & international awards and pins. You will enter competitions alongside your fellow club members as well as members from all clubs across the state and country. You will be guaranteed friends, training partners, improved shooting skills, road-trips and a whole lot of fun.

There are generally 3 levels of tournaments: club-level, state-level & national-level. Tournament/competition recommendations will be provided by the head coach. There is no limiting factor to which ones you can enter and you will be recommended to enter anything you can to gain experience (regardless of skill level). Development Team and Elite-Athlete Team archers are expected to enter all state and national events.

Teams are broken down into 3 levels: 

Casual Team

Open to all beginners and new archers. For archers looking to enter competitions and shoot in a less serious, more social environment. Training sessions will be held to improve your shooting skills.

Development Team

For archers looking to improve their shooting skills at more competitive levels. This will involve serious training and time commitment. You will be expected to show up to training sessions and enter most State and National level tournaments. Archers looking to get a scholarship or onto the elite athlete program should join this team. All team members are required to be registered with Archery Australia.


Archers on this team who commit their time to serious training can claim Special Considerations status in their studies/exams.

Elite-Athlete Team (*Olympic Recurve & Compound Only)

For archers who hold a scholarship or is partaking in the Elite Athlete Program only. Expectations and duties are listed on your contracts. All team members are required to be registered with Archery Australia.

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