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Can I join if I’m a complete beginner?

The club invites anyone to join, from the very beginner to the more experienced archer. Safety rules and basic shooting instructions will be provided by one of our club archers or coaches. This intro session will take approximately 30 minutes. There is no need to book or schedule with us*, just show up within club hours. Once you have completed the intro session, you may come and go as you like.

*During O-Week and Week 1 of Semester 1, intro sessions are conducted hourly to reduce the work load on our instructors.

Official classes and coaching are separate from the club. Details on that can be found here: https://www.suac.org.au/classes

Where and when is the club open?

We are located on St John’s Soccer Oval, (north-east of Charles Perkins Centre).

The club is open Monday 12pm-5pm and Friday 12pm-5pm (weather permitting). We are open every week throughout the year including during university breaks, (subject to availability of range officials.)


Do I need my own archery equipment?

No equipment is required as the club has all the archery gear you can borrow. The club owns recurves, compounds, longbows, arrows, targets and all other necessary equipment.


If you wish to purchase your own gear, please talk to one of our coaches before doing so to avoid mismatched equipment. Our club has partnered with an archery pro-shop who will provide discounts to club members.

Archers with personal equipment will need their gear checked by our coaches prior to shooting.

The club does not store personal equipment.


How far can we shoot on the range?

Our range is capable of the olympic standard distance of 70 metres. A 90 metre target is also available under the supervision of one of our coaches.

How much does is cost?

To join the archery club it requires membership to both SUSF and SUAC:


Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness Membership (SUSF)

$50 - USYD Student

$65 - Staff/Community Member (ie. Non-USYD Student)


Sydney Uni Archery Club Membership (SUAC)

New Student: $45 (Renewing: $30)
New Community Member: $60 (Renewing: $45)


This membership lasts an entire year (ie. expires the same day next year).

This does not include Archery Australia (AA) membership as we understand that not everyone wishes to shoot competitively. AA membership is available as a separate component and comes with its own cool perks.


I am an Archery Australia member. Can I shoot at your club as a guest?

Archery Australia members are allowed to shoot as a guest for no more than 4 times every 6 months. A range fee of $10 applies.

Do you hold competitions/tournaments/events?

The club holds in-house tournaments for all levels of experience as well as arranging competitions with UNSW. We also hold fun & games events and novelty shoots throughout the year.


The Sydney Uni Archery Club is also a nationally registered archery club under Archery Australia. Therefore there is an Archery Australia (AA) membership component if you wish to compete in local, state and national tournaments. AA members will have access to coaching, classes, extra shooting sessions, special awards and other perks. New/beginner archers are encouraged to enter as they will have access to the club’s high-performance gear to compete with as well as coaching. We’ve had new first-year students win state medals and state records. High performing archers can apply for Elite Athlete Scholarship Program.

The club has 3 teams at different levels:

Scholarship / EAP Team - For scholarships archers or archers part of the Elite Athlete Program

Development Team - Seasoned archers who are already engaged in tournaments and training to further develop their skill level.

Novice Team - For entry level or beginner archers who are looking to dive into the world of tournaments and competitions.

Speak to our head coach for more details.

More details on Archery Australia here: http://www.archery.org.au

I have a child (under 18) interested in archery. What do you offer?

Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness also run school holiday programs as well as after school programs.

More details here: https://www.suac.org.au/classes

Children are also welcome to join the club, but we are only open Mondays and Fridays 12-5pm. They can shoot casually after school or you can book coaching sessions with one of our coaches. For juniors wishing to enter archery competitively, please contact our head coach for more information. They must be at least the age of 10 and must be supervised on the range at all times. There is a waiver to allow children over the age of 12 to be left unsupervised at the range. They will still be under the guidance of club officials.

Our junior fees are: Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness Membership ($25) + Sydney Uni Archery Club Membership ($45)

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up here: https://jaonline.sport.usyd.edu.au/

On the membership selection page, don't select under 'Annual Membership Only' as it will not give you the archery component. Scroll down to 'Club Membership' section to select archery.

Do you offer scholarships or bonus ATAR points?

Bonus ATAR points are available through the university's Elite Athlete or Performers Scheme. Scholarships are available to USYD students through SUSF's Elite Athlete Program. Details here: https://www.suac.org.au/scholarship

Corporate Sessions?

The club does cater for corporate sessions or team-building sessions. This is booked through Chris at SUSF.

Chris Morrison
Programs & Participations Assistant Manager
T:    +61 2 9351 8903
F:    +61 2 9351 4962