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Eric Hu SUSF Coach of the year

Published: 28 April 2021

Big congratulations are in order for SUAC Head Coach Eric Hu, who was awarded SUSF's Coach of the Year Award! Eric has been a longstanding member of the SUAC community, previous to his position as Head Coach, he served the Club as a General Executive, then as the Equipment Officer, and then again as Vice President. Under his coaching, Team SUAC won 9 medals in a national tournament last year after just 4 months of training, and following that the team brought home 4 medals at the Archery ACT Field Championship, and in May our women’s barebow team took the silver medal at the Australian Open in May. Eric has been the Head Coach of the Club for 5 years now, and was awarded SUSF’s Coach of the Year Award earlier this year in recognition for his contributions to the Club as Head Coach. SUAC extends its gratitude for all he's done for the club, and we look forward to continue developing our thriving team under his guidance!

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