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n00b Cup 2022

Published 18/04/2022

Thank you everyone who participated in this year’s n00b cup! We had a wonderful turnout and were amazed at how close the scores were for the ranking rounds! Congratulations to our trophy winners:

1st Place: Mike Scanlon

2nd Place: Khasia Scott

3rd Place: Luke Fiumara

If this tournament has peaked your interest in competitive archery, be sure to contact Eric Hu about joining the Sydney Uni Archery Team! There is no minimum skill level required, all you need is a desire to improve your skills in archery.

Special thanks to everyone’s contributions for making tournament possible including Eric Hu, Jean-Luc Dimech, Avery Liang, Max Eastwood, Yihan Mei, Cristen George and Valerie Fang

Another thank you to the competitors who helped pack up the range! We hope to see you all back on range soon!

Have a wonderful week,


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